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Being Others is Easy - Being You is Hard

We come upon a time in life where we look back at the years that was passed, think about the people who have come and gone and think ponder about if we still are the same person we once were. Where did that person go? Why have I become into this totally different person who am not? Did I change myself, or did someone change me into this person. All our lives we inherently possess a boundless stream of energy, an energy which we draw from the culmination of events which we go through, the energy which people bring and take from us. Summoning this forth, we can break through the shell of the small self that constrains our lives. The process of revolutionizing our own lives and helping others to do the same, can not only transform the society around us, but ultimately elevate the state of humanity by itself.
This article is not about good and bad, its about what we are about to understand finally in the end. Did we make the right choices, did we end up meeting the right people, did we do…

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