About Gravity of Life

I started off like a wind from the ocean. Never knew where I was heading, but picked up many things, good and bad. On my way, I breezed a few, I scarred a few and by the time I could look back, I had pretty much become a storm. I had wind, I had dirt, I had leaves, I had stones, I had water, I had fire. I had em all.

Gravity of life was started off the same way. I wanted to write about life, a little about here and there. The people I met, the people I left. The lives which I changed and the lives who changed mine. It's a showreel of life, love, tragedy, miracles, survival and people. But most of all its just about, Life, Love and People.

In these memories of mine, you will see these three elements criss crossing all over and believe me there is no story without these three and there will be no story without these three. For they behold all of lives's wonder and glory and like it or not, all our lives are intertwined with them.

I was born at a time when technology had little business with the world and life pretty much revolved around the little things we held on to. My parents taught me how to live happy with little things, they gave me a garden, a puppy and a pencil to play with. I was taught that the world is a happy place and people are good, that life will change slowly and that good things will come my way as and when they were supposed to. I walked my way to school, I had good friends, I ate in anyone's home, I ran to anyone who called, money meant nothing at all and happiness meant having less. Years rolled on and everything changed, I learnt about Life.

I was 16 when I was first made to fall in love, yes mere 16. I was proposed by a girl who pretty much didn't give me options for a yes or a no. She just told me to love her back and I did. It started out as an explosive love affair at a very young age. I didn't know what was right or wrong, but it felt good. I felt special and loved, i felt needed. It changed the way I saw romance, my body and beyond that it changed the way love felt and love was never ever the same again. I overcame that forceful love to slowly fall into the true love which I longingly awaited. Years rolled on and I saw myself with more lovable women who showered love, peace and happiness. I enjoyed the moments of love, its delicate moments, its true forms, kisses and bonding. But love you see, carries a silent shawdow and with it came the heartbreaks, the betrayals and the breakups. My heart finally withdrew for the first time, I learnt about Love.

My mother, father and sister, played a very integral part of my life's understanding. They taught me pretty much my early years of what it is to share, to learn and to judge this nasty world. My dad pretty much made his mind that I will be a humble child and that the world would walk over me and kill me along the way if I wasn't looking. He always believed that I should be aggressive towards everything I wanted and that power and money is the only answer to survive as an adult. He was my mentor, my gaurdian, my everlasting hero. My mother on the other hand always believed that more than being aggressive, I should be smart about my approaches towards life. A smart man is a good man, she said. She was my pillar of strength, my nightingale and my keeper.  My sister was my partner in crime, a true lovable soul who made me understand that, there lives a child within all of us and we should never let it grow. She always made me understand that, life is all about taking in and letting go and nothing to be kept at heart. She was my eye in beauty, my heart's voice and my inner nerve. I lived the years; people came and people left, I was loved and lost. Slowly the years passed by, I learnt about People.

With these 3 making the crux of my life, I travelled the world making memories and meeting people and falling in love with everything that happens in between. And when something tricks my heart, I write a story and you will find it here.  The great St.Augustine once said,
"Faith is to believe what you do not see, the reward of this faith is to see what you believe."
Well, I do not see who or what my writing is going to change, but the reward will be to see that it has changed someone's life for good and with it lies my providence.

I finish my lines with the only line which has kept me going for all these years; giving. Giving is something that nobody can take away from you, it will just follow you, for the rest of you life.

May your lives be beautiful, your hearts with good and your minds with cherished memories of your loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours and yours alone.

May you never stop giving.


VethaVasanth said…
Life is not discovery of fate; it is continuous creation of future, through choices of thoughts, feelings and actions in the present.. "Enjoy every moment and keep writing V, Good Luck!"

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