A man myself, but still different !

I am a man myself, but always wanted to be different to all the woman who look at me, Why ?
Is it coz they wanna like me ? No !
Is it coz I wanna impress them ? No !
Is it coz they would hang around with me ? No !
Well the answer is I am quite not impressed with the way Men took Woman this far, am kinda fed up with the ways they have been loved and treated for all life.
If god's given me the gift of loving and to be loved, I'd rather use it for love and change a couple of lives before its too late for them. I know woman have gratitude and let that feeling impress them from within. After all I have only one life and let me be remembered.
Well always remember, Love is the only thing in which U give your entire self to the other just because that is all what you had !!! And no master card or credit card can stand a chance with the price you pay for love, be it when u love or left behind.
I have been a part of life for many woman and they will know that I never needed money, nor shelter nor gratitude, all what I left behind was un conditional love which will stay priceless and will stay till their breath goes cold.
But apart from all this :
Who can say where our roads lead ?
Who can say how your heart sights and where your love lies ?
The answer is "Only Time"....... Time will say.
Good luck to all and remember; Love yourself and you will love all...


Popy said…
The MAN in my life thinks and tells the way you express "LOVE". Its been years we are seriously in love with each other without even seeing and hearing each other, without knowing each other's residenses, without asking each other's expectations...........
We've exchanged nothing but thousands of mails.

Is it UNconditional love as well, in your view Vassant?

Stay well.
Well 'YES' love is unconditional and in my view there is nothing more special than being loved by somebody very close to you. Sometimes I really don't mind if they love me back the way I want them to, but I never give up in being good to them or loving them even more as every day passes by.

The senses of seeing, hearing and touch are just obsolete when true love is all what you've got to fill the void between two helpless souls.......
Popy said…
I have gone thru your lines again, from a very different angle and aspect this time! And I realized from the core of my heart WHAT did you mean by GIVING!!!

You are so true! Lets remain special to the people we loved, love, will love..........everytime we are in love!

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