The Aura of Joy unseen !

"Amidst all the chaos, I look up, I see one of the most pleasant moments of my life in the making" :)

It was a hectic day, and leaving out for something on a hot afternoon, was sure one of the worst things which can happen in Chennai, because Chennai is so humid and noon times are miserable on summers. One of my friends wanted his mobile back really bad, and I had no choice to wait, so took my sweet little bike and got ready for a long drive into the city to his house which was 20kms away from mine.

The day was really hot; no doubt about that and the heat alone can make the human minds go mad with crazy… And I’ve realized that the weather tends to reflect the moods of the people, summers are when folks are at their wildest moods, and they scare and scream for anything or nothing at all…!! I don’t blame them cause I am a guy who believes that the Human character is about external influences and the inner thoughts which bring out their true character of who they are.

After 30mins of biking I reached a busy traffic intersection, and so I was waiting in this hot sun under a traffic light which was the most time taking of all in the whole of Chennai, you got to wait like 5mins for the green, and so it is… I was waiting!!

Amidst this waiting, I didn’t know what to do, I usually listen to music from my iPod, but I didn’t have it, so I just wanted to do something really silly… I wanted to give a 360` degree look of what was happening all around me... and I did :)

And below is all what I saw for those 4mins:

• People having a vexed face, and giving the most absurd stare at each other.
• Girls all face wrapped up and looking like terrorist from Afghanistan..!!
• Folks on the bike, screaming at other bikes to move in front.
• The Bus conductor yelling at people inside the bus to take their tickets.
• The Traffic police, swearing at the people who don’t cross the roads fast enough…
• Street vendors looking at each other with envy on how much the other one's earning.
• Mothers scolding crying kids to keep em quiet.
• People cursing the heat and the lights for making them wait so long.

For all that 4 minutes I noted each one of them and made sure I didn’t miss anything… And I realized that for a few minutes, so many things begin and end in this world, and times never come to any of us... It happens and it’s gone, there is no coming back in life, it’s a path we choose only once!

I was thinking so seriously, when a small strap of straw falls from above on my bikes fuel tank with such grace. I pick it up and look at it with a soft surprise, wondering where it ended up from and slowly I look up to see….. And I see one of the most pleasing moments of my life in the making right in front of my eyes. And I didn’t know how to explain myself how sweet it was to see it right when the whole world was running in chaos and confusion. I was amazed by God’s creation, the most beautiful of all.

Above me was the traffic light with the red on the top, the orange below and the green light as the lowest, and in the middle of red and green, I see this sweet little nest of a bird with 3 cute little chicks all clubbed inside in the space. The mom and dad surely realized the weather was too hot for the little ones, and every passing minute they shared responsibility to spread their wings to give their kids a little of their love and affection. And to see it all happen in front of me was one of the most angelic moments of my life.

Being said, I am a guy who lives for the moment, I loved watching that lovely scene unfold in front my eyes, and considering what I had seen for the past 4 minutes, this last 1 minute sure made me change my belief on God’s creation of this world… There is enough happiness in this world and there is enough love within us; which we humans haven’t learnt how to share or spread. In that last minute I realized that life is not about what is around us, its all about what’s within you, the “inside you” which matters the most.
If you want to be happy, no one can stop you from being happy, if you want to make someone smile, don’t think the world is watching, the world never watches you, the world is so busy looking after itself. It’s you who has to go out explore and change a few things for the best of yourself…. This world can wait… Remember, “Your life is not about living it the perfect way, it’s about living it in a way, people remembering you, for your good, long after you are gone”.

This world we have in front of us is so amazing; I can feel it, even while I write this blog, so go and explore it, feel it and make sure you give back the best for what it has given to you. Am sure you will enjoy each and every moment of it. Because I believe: "Good; what you today, it all comes back to you in ways untold, yet awe-inspiring". The next time you go out, let it be a ride with your loved one, a cup of coffee with a friend, a walk with your family even for a simple traffic signal, take the time and look around you, there are untold happiness spread all over us like a curtain, look close and am sure you will not miss God's smile and his lovely creations hidden in places so much yet un-explored.

And Believe me; life will never be the same again……….. !

If a sweet little birdie can make the difference to this world, sure I can :)


Isha Bagaria said…
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deena said…

I don't think i can find more words to praise my short term professor Mr. Arivudainambi. If he had been my maths professor, i would have scored 100%. No doubts whatsoever. I basically get all i want from what is taught and rarely go through the books. To be honest i never knew what this subject had in it. This is my last attempt and thank god i got him as my teacher. I doubt if i would have learnt this subject in a short term if he wasn't my teacher.

The very first class i met him i thought he was a rough person. But by end of the class, i realised i was wrong. I wonder if anybody can make maths more interesting and lively. The subject i thought would spoil my career turned into my favourite and i started teaching other guys in the class. I have to say it is all because of the only teacher i ever liked.

The highest total i ever scored in PQT was 11..i believe. It was he who created hope in me. I'm still waiting for my results but I'm sure i have done better than ever. The confidence he had in me drove me till the end. I even thought i would be a teacher sometime coz he inspired me a lot. I feel proud to be one of his students. ' His accent was one thing that made a difference'. I still have much to say about this awsome teacher/mentor. Hope you'll be the favourite for anybody who gets a chance to be your student atleast for a day. I wonder if you could be a class teacher who handles all subjects. I dont think i've ever met a professor who says 'meet me anytime incase of any doubts'. You stand apart from this world for me. If i go heights in my life, its because of you Sir.

Hoping to be your favourite student

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