All for a word called Hate

"There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt".

I am hurt while I am writing this, and my heart is shattered into pieces each time while I try to pick what is left of me and I know the only person who can do this much to me, is one of the few I ever treasure the most.

Inevitably, all of us have to go through hurt in some way or the other, some of which are intentionally or unintentionally: contempt, intimidation, backbiting, disguise, betrayal, cheat, departure, confrontation, abandonment …For those who had hurt you, who once brought so much pain, struggle and tears to you, today, do you still harbor animosity? Or you have already got out of the haze, escaped the emotion shackles and are enjoying life in an outburst of delight?

Affirmative side: I am a Survivor, and I know I can make it.

I have been hurt, and I’ve been hurt many a times, I’d like to thank those few souls, who hurt me intentionally or just unintentionally, but let me, break illusion and realize the reality.
After I get hurt, I take my time, I think what has happened to me, and why it has happened this way in the first place, forgiveness is divine, but the heart to forgiveness is no easy path, when the very person who you love with all your heart seems to be the same one who can tear it apart. I know I can become stronger, much matured, and know more about how to distinguish and treasure persons who truly love me.

Negative side: I am still a Human, I can’t make it.

Fortunately, I am a lucky guy. God’s shown enough of love and hate and everyone I have met are very sweet, and treat me so well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who love me, just for Who I am.

For the captioned topic, I want to say something…

Hate is the most disgusted word in my life, but I feel even hate has a reason, and I would like to share what I know and what have learnt about hate, through all these years.

The purpose of hurt is to limit the extent of the damage done to you. The role of hurt is to
tell you that you have been damaged - physically or emotionally. Hurt teaches you to establish limits with others. It shows you and others as to how much can you tolerate. These limits are especially important with people you really care about. In fact, people you love the most have the power to hurt you the most. If you do not express yourself when others hurt you, then they have no way to know that you did not like what they did to you and with you. They would believe whatever they did was acceptable to you. So they keep repeating the same behavior and continue the same approach. In due course hurt compounds and becomes complex. If you don't maintain boundaries, you will find others hurting you all the time, not because they are bad, but because they never knew that they were hurting. Remember, expressing hurt as and when it happens will never take a person away from the relationship. But if you keep continuously sweeping everything under the carpet for too long, then one day you will find dust accumulation of unmanageable proportion. Expressing hurt when it happens is vital for keeping a relationship safe and honest. If you do not say 'No' to hurt WITHIN a relationship, then one day you will have to say 'No' TO the relationship. People treat you in life the way you teach them to treat you. Having expressed your hurt, forgive people who have hurt you.

I’d like to share a small article I read a few years ago.

When people hurt you, does it mean they don’t love you?
Does it mean they don’t really care at all?
Take heart and wallow not yet in misery.
For the words which have pierced you the most,
words which may have even come
from the people you loved the most,
were not the only words said about you.
Those were probably not the only words
they’ve said about you;
not the only words they wanted to say;
and maybe, just maybe,
not the words they should have said
had they only known how to say
what they truly mean to say.

And now, a little few lines on forgiveness:

“Forgiving is letting go of your hurt. Without forgiving you cannot grow.You cannot correct or alter what has already been done to you.


Amber said… assuming that a very hurtful episode has taken place in your life as of now but I just wana say that u need a big heart to forgive those who have hurt you but u need a much bigger thinking to figure out as to why they have done so...everyone who comes in your life dsnt hurt you bcos they want times they are left with no other options and thus end up upsetting you and hurting you unintentionally...Forgive & Forget- 2key priniciples of life that should be kept in mind. Im glad you are following them and hope u will do so for the rest of ur life...nice post Vazz...tkcr!!!
vidhu said…
If love exist then hate exists as well. Everyone gets hurt and somewhere down the line we ourseleves hurt others knowingly or unknowingly. If u understand your loved ones, u must learn to forgive and forget few things. But not beyond the limits of acceptance. I hav seen u being stubborn on these things like a lil kid crying for a candy, happy to see such a mature thought from u about forgiveness dear...

Good one yaar :-) Waitin for d next one....
Isha Bagaria said…
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sunil said…
Hi i am sunil . I study in Anna University,Chennai. It was Mr. Arivudai sir who asked us to see ur blog. I first thought this to be another blog describing someones day to day activity ""boring".But u totally changed my attitude. Ur posts are great.I reallllyyyyy look foward for ur upcoming posts.....

""""U SIMPLY ROCK"""""

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