Stains from the Stolen Virgins

“What would you do”? If you see your daughter as one amongst those women, how would you look into her eyes, how would you feel and what does your heart say? How would you fight when you know that; the one standing there is your very own blood?” Would you.....?

Why do you call it fear? Fear is an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight)… Fear comes when you’ve seen something strange or unusual and you try to hide yourself from its outcome.

When I walk around the most developed cities of India, what do I see in the eyes of women ?, I see fear; fear not from some unusual kind, but fear from Nature, their very own kind which was created by God to protect them in this very land she was born to live. I see in their eyes, the fear of MEN!

Isn’t it a shame for a species to fear its own kind? What I see here in India pains me beyond imagination and there are no words when I read and look into the topics I read on the newspaper every single day. I spit in rage when I read news of little children being dragged away from homes, raped voraciously and left to rot and die beside garbage bins by the side of the road. Is this what men truly have become? Have they turned into this unconscious flesh feeding animals that lack to see and accept woman as their own kind?

If this is what men are to become, where is India heading to?

How much more can a woman run in her life? While she was born she ran away from boys who tried to pull her skirt down, when she grew up she had to be immune to all the sultry remarks made by her community boys, while she travelled, she had to exempt all those filthy rubbing and touching from all the men who wanted to taste a piece of her flesh and their eyes who could devour her off her entire dignity and humanity. When she matured, she still is fighting every single day of her life from taxi drivers, police men, lawyers, politicians and much more. How much more can she run, who can she go to?

I recently saw this award winning documentary from CNN about the ‘Nepals Stolen Children’ and got heart wrenched when I heard the true stories of every woman who shared her story. Deep inside as a man my sincere values for good men are falling apart slowly like the melting glaciers, drop by drop I loose hope when I see stories of woman raped, tortured and abused. Men have always wanted to keep the woman below his power and make the best use of her. I am not saying don’t keep her under your power, am just saying ‘Give her the due importance’ and love her and let her know you’d stand by her at all times. Give her that necessary support and guide her for the good and believe me she won’t even ask you a piece of your power you so enjoyed all these years without fear.

Men with their social borders are open to many windows of crimes and sometimes they loose those values and get themselves into the wrong minds. Organized crime is largely responsible for spreading human trafficking. Although sex trafficking—along with its correlative elements such as kidnapping, rape, physical abuse, and prostitution—is illegal in nearly every country in the world widespread greed and corruption make it possible for sex trafficking to proliferate. While national and international institutions attempt to regulate and enforce anti-trafficking legislation, local police forces and governments may in fact be participating in the very sex trafficking rings they are charged in preventing on the first place.

One overriding factor in the proliferation of sex trafficking is the fundamental belief that the women and girls are expendable. In societies where women and girls are undervalued or not valued at all in comparison to males, women are at greater risk for being abused, trafficked, and coerced into sex slavery. If women experience improved economic and social status a large part of trafficking would be eradicated.

Catch a little wild sparrow and place it into a tiny cage; lock it and look at it closely. You’d see how its brain goes demented and insane. It’s that feeling of lost freedom, a feeling which only a free human will truly sympathize. The women who are robbed of their freedom often the unfortunate victims go through several stages of degradation, physical, and psychological torture. They are often deprived of sleep and food, not allowed to move about freely, and endure physical torture. In order to keep these poor women captive, they are told their families and children will be harmed or murdered if the women try to escape the brothel or if they tell anyone about their captivity. Because victims rarely understand the culture and language of the city or the place into which they have been trafficked, they experience an additional layer of psychological stress, isolation, and frustration.

Often these trafficked women before they are integrated fully into the flesh trade they are forcibly raped by the traffickers in order to initiate the cycle of abuse and degradation. Some women are drugged in order to prevent escape. Once “broken in,” sex traffic victims often service up to 30 men a day and are vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection, and pregnancy.

It saddens me when I see that 80% of the flesh
trade is induced by men who the victims knew very well… Friends, Relatives, Husbands and even Fathers! I recently read a story on how a 14 year old girl from the Indian state of Kerala who was sexually abused and molested by a 100 men from top politicians to film stars and well known socialites and in another story of a little girl in Uttar Pradesh raped and later stabbed in the eye so that she cannot assist in nabbing the culprits. Doesn't it bring a shame to the men involved in this, doesn't their skin evoke with remorse when they look back at what they have done? How does a man live in this world when he has known that he has crushed a life and the smiles of a little child whose innocence has now been guttled.
How do they call themselves as Men?

I always admired about the stories and tales of Real Men, men who stood with time to effectuate values for which the whole of womanhood always awaited. I admire those real men, Men who not only have values but try to bring in the best of notions for the woman who believes in him. Real men are concentric: you have to take fold after fold off of him before you get to the centre of his personality. You must get below his animal nature, habits, customs, affections, daily life, and sometimes go away down into the heart of the man, before you know what is really in him. But when you get into the last core of these concentric rings of personality you find a sense of the infinite--a consciousness of immortality linked to something higher and better. I believe some have just lost those rings of character and are now roaming as monsters without a leash.

No matter what have heard and what have seen, I still believe in Real Men. Out there on this Earth there are still men who hold the hands of their mothers, wives and daughters and cross these cruel front lines of terror keeping their women safe off from all dangers and trying their best to educate their families on the true values of what real men are and how to become one. I know that there still lies a strangling string of hope amidst these young boys who will one day join the society of good men and that this country’s woman can proudly stand beside them holding hands and will once again walk this proud nation with pride and freedom. And just like Subroto Bagchi says “Most men take more out of life than they give to it. A few give more to life than they take out of it. The world runs because of such men.” - One day; I too; will be part of such men…!

Remember women! No boy is destined to be a “john,” a pimp, or a human trafficker. Raising young men in circles of accountability to be respectful and protective of all women and children is one of the most important things women within the families can do to stop human trafficking. Talk to them about human trafficking as a modern form of slavery to help convince men and boys to become allies in the fight to end this form of oppression and we shall soon have a society free of abuse, prostitution and human trafficking. I am sure deep inside the layers of every man lives a spirit which somewhere admires and still holds green love for a woman for who he would change himself. In the documentary I saw how a brother traveled thousands of kilometers from Nepal to India to save his sister who was forced to work in a brothel, and it brought tears to him and me, when they showed him his sister wearing just a skirt and a bra and he ran towards her, hugged her wept in pain, nothing is as harrowing for a brother or a father, than to see his own daughter in such a state. Like I said, I still believe in true men. I once saved a prostitute from Bangalore, it still remains as one of the most profound action I've done in my life, and everyday it just makes my life so worth it.

In the documentary which aired in CNN on the Stolen Children of Nepal, through the visuals I travelled along with Demi Moore to Nepal to meet 2010 CNN Hero of the Year Anuradha Koirala and some of the thousands of women and girls Koirala’s organization has rescued from forced prostitution. How were they taken and where were they sent? It was a wonderful composition of Hope beyond borders and I render my humblest support and my resound salute to Ms.Koirala who is none but an angel to those entire trafficked woman and girls who are now living in the shadow and support of Maiti Nepal.

In the interview with CNN she said a few words which nailed my heart with resonance and she said “Look at those brothels, look inside those 10X10 rooms where those little girls who are 13 to 16years old, look into their eyes, look at their pain, and touch their bodies. Feel those blood stained bodies who are alive outside but dead by pain. Look into their eyes and see the pain they go through as every man passes and savages on her innocent childhood. These are girls of the unseen world. This so called brothels and prostitution houses which we consider as a third world action is not a world apart... and this article I write today speaks on its behalf. Please hear the voices from the children and the woman of that world. Let us learn from that voice... and let us ignore it no more. Ladies and gentlemen, Say No! No-More to abuse, trafficking and prostitution!

For all those few men; who still believe in pleasure that comes from blood soaked curtains recall these lines “What would you do”? If you see your daughter as one amongst those women, how would you look into her eyes, how would you feel and what does your heart say? How would you fight when you know that; the one standing there is your very own blood?” Would you.....?

Real Men don’t buy Girls!


Cindrella said…
A very good thought provoking post. Hope more men get enlightened by it. And I liked the point you said what women could do to raise their boys to grow up to human beings who respect women!! That could really help to a very large extent. The way a man treats a woman is very much dependent on the way he was raised in his family!
SUB said…
great post.... unfortunately i do not see an end to it...But i hope it does end...
thought provoking touching post from you.. and I hope more men start to think of this in their deep heart..

Someone is Special
IB7 said…
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Nikki Kasiraju said…
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Nikki Kasiraju said…
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Prateek said…
A thoughtful and provoking post but I don't see the bottom of this dark valley unless a sense tickles in gender driven males.
Purba said…
It was heartening to read a man's perspective on such a sensitive issue. Most of us prefer keeping silent about it. Why? because it makes us feel uncomfortable. Tragically most victims of sexual abuse to suffer in silence, blaming themselves for the crime.

And calling the perpetrators of this heinous crime men, is an insult to mankind.

But there are certain points I didn't agree with - If a woman thinks she needs a man to rescue her, she will never be emancipated.

And why does a man need to subjugate a woman? Is he that insecure?

Personally I feel for a society to evolve, men and women must strive to complement each other rather than engage in a battle of sexes.
rahul aggarwal said…
i guess its more of in india..i mean asian/african countries... this girl trafficking is more predominant...

donno when will india change and men will become more sensible n mature in not committing such crimes...
Cloud Nine said…
Such a heart wrenching post, coming from a MAN? Too good. Glad you can understand the situations women are in these days. To stand by a woman in thick and thin is what we all ask for. True, the society needs a really long time to come out of its shell, we need to talk about these issues more openly. Happy i landed here. Following you now on:) Wish you good luck Vasanth:)
Anu thati said…
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Ashreya said…
great post.. had tears in my eyes while reading this post.. the last lines are really touchy.. there was a tamil movie called mahanadi with kamal hassan and sukanya.. there is scene where the father see's his daughter has prostitute with minimal cloths on body. where they out and beg ppl to give her cloths to cover.

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